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Core Services

These are 405 Motoring’s core services. This is the work we do on a daily basis and place the lion’s share of our focus on. It doesn’t end here however, reach out to us for specifics regarding performance upgrades, tailored services and package offerings.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film by 405 Motoring in Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA.
Paint protection film, also known as PPF and clear bra is the number 1 solution for protecting your vehicle’s original paint. PPF is self-healing and comes with the industry’s leading and most comprehensive warranty.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings by 405 Motoring
Nano-ceramic coatings by Ceramic Pro offer amazing protection from stains, chemicals, bugs, tar and many other contaminants. Coatings can be applied where PPF can’t, including fabrics and leathers.

Window Tint

405 Motoring Window Tinting
Window tint needs no introduction. It’s the number one upgrade owners do to their vehicles. The latest in IR window tint technology allows for unparalleled infrared heat and UV light filtration.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction Services in Los Angeles, by 405 Motoring.
Most paint protection services start with paint correction. You want your paint free of defects, swirls and scratches before applying PPF or a Ceramic Pro coating. Even new cars need some level of paint correction.

Car Wraps

Car Wraps by 405 Motoring in Los Angeles California
405 Motoring provides vinyl car wrap installation in Los Angeles California. We specialize in color change wraps which allow you to change the color of your vehicle to anything you’d like, without using paint.

Dry Ice Deep Detailing

Dry Ice Detailing 405 Motoring
Deep dry ice cleaning starts where general detailing leaves off. This new cleaning tech does away with the water and makes it possible to clean stained chassis and undercarriage parts like never before.

Maintenance & Performance

Maintenance and Performance Parts
405 Motoring offers installation of performance bolt-ons such as intakes, exhausts and more. Ask about CARB-approved parts for your specific vehicle. Preventative maintenance is also offered.

Wheels & Tires

405 Motoring Wheels and Tires Services in Los Angeles California
We offer high-end wheels and tires from exclusive wheel makers and performance tire manufacturers. We specialize in hard to find sizes and specifications aimed at luxury performance vehicles.

Event Venue Rentals

Car Event Venue Rental
Our unique, fully adorned and highly spec’d facilities are offered to rent for special events. We have very unique spaces and customizable lighting to best showcase your cars or products.
Because Our Customers Come First

Special Services

At 405 Motoring we go the extra mile to provide the best experience for our customers. Check out some of our special services below.


Los Angeles California Facilities

405 Motoring’s services are all performed at our state of the art facilities in Inglewood, California in the heart of Los Angeles. We take great pride in our shop.

State of the Art Facilities

405 Motoring State of the Art Facilities in Inglewood, California.
Request a free consultation specially created for your vehicle, for any of our services. We offer package deals for multiple services.

405 Motoring strives for utmost professionalism and qualify in every single service we offer.

Easy Payment Methods
Convenient Payment Methods

We offer convenient payment methods. When you pay in store we offer all the latest payment services including Apple Pay, Google Pay and traditional credit cards.

Service Guarantee
We Stand Behind Our Services

We stand behind every product we sell or install and guarantee satisfaction. If you need any help before or after service, we are most definitely here to help!

Privacy Taken Seriously

We take your privacy very serious. Our commitment to your safety and privacy starts the second you contact us on our site, all the way through years after service.

Service Support

Got a Question?

If you have any questions about any of our paint protection, detailing, paint correction or performance parts services please feel free to contact us.