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405 Motoring has carefully designed spaces that are perfect to host special events. Whether you are hosting a rally, launching a new product, holding a corporate event or showcasing a new high profile build, we offer the perfect venue for your event.

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405 Motoring Common Areas, Facilities.
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Car Events at 405 Motoring in Los Angeles
Car Events at 405 Motoring in Los Angeles
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At 405 Motoring we’ve taken the time to really consider the design of our shop as something more than a workshop or detailing shop. We’ve invested heavily in the distribution and design of our spaces. The idea being that not only can we do better work in a place like this, but our customers can appreciate the extra effort. Because of this, a big part of the plan was to be able to host events at our facilities. These events don’t necessarily need to be hosted by us. We offer event venue rentals so that companies and organizations can use our facilities to host corporate events, product launches, car rallies or other related events.

The unique lighting provides for customizable ambiance. Our facilities include all the amenities needed to host events, including lounge areas, open spaces and full kitchen. The way everything is laid out and connected make it an excellent choice for planning events as well. It doesn’t have to be just about finding a place to hold an event, but also planning out the layout of the occasion accordingly. We have plenty of space to display vehicles and product. Not only that, but the sheer quality and class of the events that can be held at 405 Motoring make it that much more appealing for companies that are looking to impress.

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Full Fledged Facilities

Rarely does a detailing shop cater to much more than that. The facilities at 405 Motoring were proudly custom designed to be equally as good at hosting events. We love the Los Angeles car culture and all the unique facets of it. We are here to host your next event.

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What Makes Our Facilities So Great for Special Events?

We actually designed our shop with all this in mind. We wanted 405 Motoring to be more than just a service shop. We love the California Car Culture and even had many areas custom-designed to be one of a kind.

Custom Spaces

Custom Designed Spaces

Our spaces have been designed with special events in mind. They are not only spacious, but appealing and very smartly distributed.

Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting

405 Motoring has very unique, modern and customizable lighting throughout. This is perfect to set the right mood.

Fully Equipped Facilities

Fully Equipped

We have fully equipped common areas including kitchen, lounge and sitting areas ideal for any event.

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FAQs About Our Facilities for Event Hosting

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Here are a handful a few questions we get asked often in regards to our event hosting rental facilities.

Well, our shop is actually designed so that most spaces are appealing and a fun place to be. The actual work bays with tools and all are not really he commons areas, but everything else is perfect for any event. We offer very advanced and unique lighting that can be custom tailored for all events. Our common areas are interconnected and spacious. Additionally, we offer areas that cater for serving and food consumption, lounge, car and product display locations and more.

Not really. While are space is optimized for car events like road rallies, company events and meetings, and product launches, feel free to get creative and shoot us some ideas in case you have something else in mind.

Not really. While are space is optimized for car events like road rallies, company events and meetings, and product launches, feel free to get creative and shoot us some ideas in case you have something else in mind.

405 Motoring’s facilities have a capacity of 150 people for any event.

Please contact us and let us know you are interested in possibly holding an event at 405 Motoring. We’re happy to give you a tour and we can discuss rates and amenities.

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