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Special Services

405 Motoring offers unique and special services for our customers. These include “Park & Fly” with a free ride to and from LAX Airport and free car rentals while your car is at the shop. We own a rental car fleet under the name LAX Auto Rentals which allows us to offer this unique service. We even provide auction prep and vehicle restoration.

Special Services by 405 Motoring
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Business Travelers

Park & Fly

If you need to fly out after dropping off you car for service, let us know. We can drive you to LAX airport and pick you up when you’re back. If you are a regular customer of ours we can even help you if you need a place to keep your car while on business travel. Of course, based on space availability.

Enclosed trailer car transportation
don't want to drive your vehicle?

enclosed transportation

Coming from a distance? No problem! Our privately owned enclosed luxury trailer is available to pick up and deliver your special vehicle. Contact us to arrange transport plans from your home/dealership right to our shop with a complete peace of mind. Rates do apply.

Auction Prep - 405 Motoring
For the Collectors and Brokers

Auction Prep and Restoration

If you have a collector’s vehicle that you plan to auction or manage vehicles for special sales or auction, we offer services for you. We can prep your vehicle to have get it ready for auction. We can also take it as far as actually performing necessary restoration work to increase it’s potential sale’s value.

405 Motoring Special Services Park and Fly

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The goal is to please our customers. And for that, we go the extra mile.