The 405 Mission
The 405 Mission
The 405 Mission
The 405 Mission
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Excellence and Integrity

405 Motoring Mission of Excellence

405 Motoring, Ceramic Pro Los Angeles is based out of the heart of Southern California, West Los Angeles. We are 2 miles from LAX, in Inglewood just right off the 405 Freeway. We are a full service detailing and finish care company. We specialize in clear bra paint protection films, Ceramic Pro coatings, vehicle wraps and window tint. We also offer vehicle restoration, customization and performance upgrades.
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405 Motoring Garage in Los Angeles California
405 Motoring Shopfront in Inglewood California
Heart of Los Angeles


Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, right off the 405 Freeway. Here to serve you.

644 S Isis Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301
[email protected]
+1 (424) 289-4059

We have been in business since 2015, operating two locations: Monrovia, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Our Los Angeles location boasts a state of the art 12,000+ square feet facility equipped with a dedicated clean room, multi-vehicle wash bay, flush mounted lifts, prep bays, light tunnel, showroom alongside our signature Spadewerks Design customer lounge. Our entire facility is HVAC controlled, allowing us to maintain optimal installation results year round. We are proud to be able to deliver the absolute best results and offer a bespoke customer experience.We offer a complete suite of services to protect and enhance by combining all the best the industry has to offer.Our combined years of experience is first class and has attracted ultra luxury and high end exotic cars to grace our facility.Over the years, we have had the opportunity to service high profile customers from the Entertainment industry, Automotive industry, YouTube industry. We thank every single patron who has entrusted their vehicles to us and we pledge to continue providing the ultimate motoring experience. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded by the State of California, we take zero risks in protecting our clients’ interest.Come visit us and explore how 405 Motoring can help protect and enhance your motoring experience.We have been in business since 2015, operating two locations: Monrovia, CA and Los Angeles, CA.
405 Motoring Showroom in Inglewood California.
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Lamborghini Huracan STO at 405 Motoring
Why Work With Us

Experience & Reliability

When you trust your prized vehicle to 405 Motoring you can be sure that we put all our years of experience into it to deliver spectacular results.
Stellar Results

Achieve Your Best Look

When you will not stop until your pride and joy sits at absolutely perfection you can rely on us! Not only that, but we can make it so that look of perfection is preserved.
McLaren 675LT 405 Motoring, Inglewood, California.
Quality Speaks for ITself

What Makes 405 Motoring Unique

In a saturated industry, 405 Motoring really stands out from the rest. You won’t easily find a more personable company with our level of professionalism in the detailing and paint protection industry.
Conveniently Located

Conveniently Located

We know that dropping off your car for service of any kind can be a hassle. 405 Motoring is conveniently located in Inglewood, right off the 405 Freeway, where dropping it off and picking it up become a non-issue.

Level Up Protection

Level Up Protection

Our paint protection offerings are designed to provide levels of protection that increase confidence as you stack them. For example, layering Ceramic Pro on paint protection film can greatly increase protection performance.

Full Service

Full Service

Every single component of our service solutions is carefully crafted as a part of a complete system. Everything from prep and paint correction, to PPF, to ceramic coatings is designed to compliment each other.

Excellent Pricing

Excellent Pricing

The level of service and professionalism you receive from 405 Motoring comes with fair pricing. This is the type of pricing that makes you say, "Yes! That was totally worth it!" Specially when you are looking for the best!

Save Time and Money

Save Time & Money

The paint protection systems offered by 405 Motoring pay for themselves. The reason is, a surface covered with PPF self-heals from scratches and one fused with a ceramic coating sheds dirt and contaminants.

Quick Turnaround Times

Quick Turnaround Times

At 405 Motoring we use a specially catered scheduling system to ensure your vehicle is worked on efficiently the entire time it's at our facilities to reduce turnaround times. This means you can your car back ASAP!

Best Products

The Best Products

Our strong reputation as a company has allowed us the benefit of choosing the product lines we work with carefully. We pick and choose products from different brands in order to select the best each has to offer.

Top Level Compounds

Top-Level Compounds

405 Motoring uses the best polishing compounds on the professional market, from Meguiar's Pro product line. Our Rupes polishing pads are also the best in the business offering the best results.

Proprietary Solutions

Proprietary Solutions

During the many years of service, 405 Motoring has developed its own "secret sauce" to achieve results that can only be accomplished by working with the utmost experience.

Ace Customer Experience

Detailing, Paint Protection & Hospitality Under One Roof

Our goal at 405 Motoring is to offer our clients the work they need while exceeding expectations, all the while offering an experience they can find nowhere else.

405 Motoring Ford Bronco
405 Motoring Inglewood, Shop Conveniences
Customizing Ford Bronco Offroad Parts
Best Products

Brands We Carry

This is just a small selection of the top brands we carry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a handful of FAQs we get at 405 Motoring often. This may help shed some light as you might have some of these same questions.

405 Motoring started business in 2015 at our Monrovia CA shop, Detail Union. 405 Motoring came about as our need to serve customers near LAX Airport increased. Detail Union in Monrovia is as strong as ever. After running 405 Motoring for a few years we realized it was the right move since many of our customers that were traveling all the way to Monrovia from Inglewood and central LA love having the alternative closer to the 405 freeway. To this day, we use the experience we gain from both stores to better serve our clientele.

All of our labor is guaranteed to satisfy. We will correct any errors in craftsmanship until you are fully satisfied. The products themselves, such as paint protection film and window tint carry different warranty periods. For example, XPEL paint protection film generally comes with a 12 year warranty on the material. XPEL Prime XR Plus window film comes with a lifetime warranty. Other products, such as Ceramic Pro coatings are dependent on the package selected. They can vary from lifetime to 6 month depending on the level of the product. Please contact us for questions regarding warranty periods.

The difference is cost and protection level. Paint protection film (PPF) offers more protection against scratches and rock chips, while a ceramic coating helps keep the vehicle clean and reduce staining. Consequently, PPF is going to be more expensive to cover an entire vehicle than a ceramic coating is. In many situations, to help give the customer more bang for the buck, we will recommend a front end only PPF installation, with a full ceramic coating over the entire car, even the PPF. This will yield the best of both worlds approach at the most effective use of funds.
Apart from car detailing, our most popular product is most definitely paint protection film (PPF). PPF is generally the most expensive service, but it’s also clearly the best in terms of protection. Since most people want the best protection for their vehicles, they generally go straight to this.

Honestly, just go ahead and request the consultation. We are not a network of shops. We are a grassroots Los Angeles California paint protection shop. When you request a consultation, the information you send us only goes to us… and by that, we mean one or two guys managing sales. This means your information is safe. Plus, we only request a few details about your vehicle, your name, email and number and what you may be interested in for your vehicle. We’ll contact you to advise you and then after that, there are no strings attached. If you decide to work with us, GREAT. If not, that’s OK too. Request a consultation.

Ready To Level Up Your Vehicle?

Don’t wait any longer. Even if you still haven’t taken delivery of your new vehicle, there is no better time than right now to start planning for protection its paint.