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Ceramic Pro

Help Keep Every Surface Clean and Stain-Free

Ceramic Pro offers coatings for just about every surface imaginable. We coat paint, glass, plastic and metal exterior surfaces. Inside, we coat plastic, vinyl, fabrics and leather.

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Ceramic Pro 9H Flagship Coating
Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings in Inglewood California
405 Motoring offers the most advanced Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings available today. In short, by ceramic coating your vehicle you can help preserve its finish and reduce the amount of time it takes to clean it. This is because the coating rejects impurities that can stick to the surface and also sheds water and chemicals. The coating is actually permanent. We’ll repeat that… Think of it as a permanent wax – although it isn’t a wax. It’s actually a super thin glass-shield that is incredibly hard, yet flexible due to the micron-thickness. This shield increases the thickness of your vehicle’s clear coat, while strengthening it. Your car will reject scratches that would normally affect the clear coat. More importantly however, it helps keep your car looking like next for the long haul.Ceramic Pro coatings don’t stop at paint however. We offer specific formulas for every surface imaginable. These formulas include solutions for paint, exterior plastic, metal and glass. Additionally, if you’re getting paint protection film, we offer a base coat and top coat specifically formulated for use over PPF. For your vehicle’s interior we offer formulas for coating carpets, fabric or leather seats, vinyl and all interior plastics. This will help keep pesky coffee spills from ruining your fine interior. The interior of your vehicle will not only stay clean, but it will retain the beautiful, deep, rich colors that came with it from factory. Ceramic Pro is the way to go. Forget about those old solutions. They are nowhere near as good. An interior Ceramic Pro coating will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.
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Ceramic Coating Application
Water shedding, Ceramic Pro.
Dirt Shedding

Stay Clean All The Time

Ceramic Pro coated vehicles shed water and dirt effectively reducing the stuff that sticks around. This means that a light wipe down with a quality quick detailer or waterless wash is all you need to keep it clean. If you go offroading and need more than just a wipe down, a traditional wash is still much easier and quick than it ever was.
Coat it All

Say Goodbye to Interior Stains

Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings by 405 Motoring come in very specific formulations for all kinds of interior materials. We have solutions for coating leather, Alcantara, vinyl, plastic and fabrics. This means you never again have to worry about coffee stains, dirt and grime or any of the other things that typical ruin car interiors.
Porsche Interior Protected by Ceramic Pro
Waxing Has Been Cancelled. Ceramic Coatings Are The Future!

What Makes Ceramic Pro So Special?

Frankly, the traditional way of waxing or sealing paint with carnauba or paint sealers is a thing of the past. Ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro give you permanent protection and a superior shine that only has to be maintained once a year rather than every month!
Permanent Protection

Permanent Solution

Ceramic Pro 9H coatings are permanent. The coating creates a permanent layer, much like a sacrificial clear coat with the hardness of glass. This coating only has to be maintained once a year with a top coat refresh for slickness.



Ceramic Pro makes any surface hydrophobic. This means that it completely rejects water and other fluids. This quality makes surfaces easy to clean since they do not absorb exterior contaminants of any kind.

Clear Coat Depth

Increased Clear Coat Depth

Ceramic Pro can only be removed by abrasion. This means that if you manage to get light scratches into the coating, much like you can scratch glass, they can be polished out without having to cut into the clear coat.

Chemical Protection Ceramic Coating

Chemical Protection

Ceramic Pro coatings help protect surfaces from things like acid rain, oils, tar, acids from bird dropping and bugs decomposing. This makes it so that your paint doesn't tend to etch by reacting with these chemicals.

Save Time Cleaning

Reduce Cleaning Time

A professional ceramic coating helps cut your washing time. Given the coating sheds fluids and dirt, cleaning becomes much easier and much quicker. You know how it feels to wash a freshly waxed car? It's like that but all the time.

Preserve Resale Value

Maintain Resale Value

A car that has been coated with Ceramic Pro tends to look better over time and therefore retains resale value much better than others. Additionally, we offer packages that get added to your car's CarFax, helping even more.

Ceramic Pro Coatings McLaren 720S feature.
PPF and Ceramic Pro

Get Paint Protection Film and Have it Coated

That’s right. We offer a very special Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl coating that’s designed specially for paint protection film. This means you get the ultra scratch and self-healing protection of modern PPF with the dirt and water-shedding qualities of a top-of-the-line ceramic coating to go with it!
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Ceramic Coating on PPF, Water Drops

Ceramic Coating Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked about Ceramic Pro and ceramic coatings in general all the time. Here are some things you might be asking yourself right now.

Ceramic Pro’s upper packages like Gold and Silver packages with multiple layers are meant to be permanent coatings. The 9H base coat actually fuses to the paint to form a thicker barrier which is actually stronger than the paint itself. We do recommend maintenance yearly to keep the warranty. However, the maintenance is for renewing the slickness of the top coat so that the car retains its dirt and water shedding qualities. The actual hard shield of the base layer doesn’t ever go away unless it’s polished off.

The Ceramic Pro warranty depends on the package chosen. The top Gold package comes with a lifetime warranty. As you step into the following packages, they can vary from 5-Year, to 2-Year, down to 6-Month warranties. Of course, the pricing is different for each of these packages.

The most popular coatings are for the exterior of your vehicle – So, namely the paint, exterior plastics and even the windshield to make it so water sheds off. Coating interiors comes in at a very close second. We offer coatings for carpets, fabric or leather seats and interior plastic, leather or Alcantara panels. However, you can technically have ANYTHING coated. Ceramic Pro even offers industrial coatings that can be used to coat the chassis of a car, engine bays, you name it. Oh, and don’t forget the wheels! It’s much easier to keep those clean if you have us coat them.
We suppose you could. But it isn’t going to stick. You’d be applying wax over something that’s simply going to reject it and it’s going to just come off. You don’t need to wax a ceramic coated car. It stays slick.

Do You Want a Vehicle That Likes To Stay Clean?

Cut the time out of your car washing weekends. Say goodbye to wax-on, wax-off. Get a Ceramic Pro coating today!