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Hide a Little, Or Show a Lot... But Stay Cool

405 Motoring’s window tint offerings are based on the very latest technology in window films. This means that you can go as dark as you want, but if you prefer near-clear tint, you can still benefit from the huge heat reduction and UV filtering regardless of the color.
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405 Motoring Window Tinting
Window Tint Installation, 405 Motoring

Like most other technology these days, the advancement of window tint technology is also mind-blowing. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window film installed by 405 Motoring does things that one could only imagine back in the day. In the past, if you wanted a decent amount of heat filtration you had to go with 5% or 20% VLT window tint to accomplish that. Not only is this a potential legal problem in most places when you use it on the front windows, but it’s also rather impractical since it really hinders visibility. To make matters worse, the heat filtration was also sub-par. These days however XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window film relies on nano-ceramic technology to infuse their film with IR blocking technology that works even in the lightest of shades. The reason is, the heat-filtering is done by the nano-ceramic particles and not the tint dye. This means that even in the lighter shades you still get amazing heat reduction inside your vehicle. The heat reduction is achieved by blocking most Infrared (IR) light from coming into the vehicle. The is turn reduces heat dramatically.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS window tint also filters out almost all UV light. This is the radiation that causes all the damage to your vehicle’s interior and to your skin. By cutting most of the UV radiation, and reducing the heat inside the cabin, your vehicle becomes a much more comfortable place to be in. On top of that, your expensive leather seats don’t dry out, the fabrics don’t discolor and dashboards don’t begin cracking early. 405 Motoring takes an immense amount of pride in our tint installation work in Los Angeles California. We’re right off the 405 freeway and here to serve you. We install window tint film on cars, SUVS, trucks, vans and plenty of commercial vehicles. No window is too difficult for us to do. Our work is guaranteed and so is our film. In fact, XPEL PRIME XR PLUS comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. That’s how you know this tint will last. It will not bubble up, discolor, or fade for the lifetime of the vehicle it’s installed on. Step up to the best window tint technology we’ve ever had! After you experience how much more comfortable your vehicle is you will never want to go back.

405 Motoring Tint Shade Comparison

At 405 Motoring we believe in the importance of using the best window tint film in existence in order to achieve reliable results and the ultimate performance or our customers. We offer XPEL PRIME XR PLUS which is XPEL’s top-of-the-line IR-blocking automotive window film.

This film is infused with 100% invisible nano-ceramic particles to offer unparalleled infrared light filtration and superb UV radiation filtering. Due to the lack of metallic particles, this film will not degrade your cell phone reception. Additionally, given the film does not rely on the dye to filter IR heat, you get same amount of heat reduction even if you opt for a light tint shade. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS comes with a lifetime warranty.

405 Motoring Window Tint Dark Options
Quality First

We Provide The Best Install of the Best Film

405 Motoring is dedicated to offering the best tint installation and the best quality tint film. This results in the best looking tint, that lasts. More importantly however, it also results in dramatic heat reduction inside your vehicle and much less wear to leather seats, no fade for fabrics and less damage to your skin.
Block The Heat

IR Blocking Even In Light Shades

Our top-of-the-line XPEL PRIME XR PLUS is window film infused with nano-ceramic particles. This means you get amazing IR blocking heat rejection even if you opt for the lightest of tint shades. This is because the film does not rely on the dye to do the filtering, but instead on invisible nano-ceramic particles.

IR Blocking Light Tint
Our Modern Window Tint Films Are Not What You Remember TinT Being Like

What's The Big Deal with IR Blocking Film?

We’ll say it again. IR Blocking film reduces the heat from sunlight in such a fantastic way that it’s impossible not to notice. You literally see sunlight on your skin but cannot feel the usual heat you’re used to.

Reduce Heat

Reduce Heat

With our infrared light blocking window tint films you can greatly reduce the heat inside your vehicle even during the hottest months. Our films use nano-technology to filter IR light and don't mess with your phone reception.

Reduce Wear

Reduce Wear

While IR light causes the heat build-up, it's UV light that causes all the wear to the interior of your car AND your skin. Our films are all designed and tested to block 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Dark or Light Tint

Go Dark or Light

You do not have to go dark to get amazing IR and UV filtration. The darkness of the film doesn't matter at all from that point of view. However, if you want dark tint for whatever reason, we got you!

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IR Blocking Window Film


Check out this video about XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Automotive Window Film to learn why it’s the best window film technology available today.

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Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

Even though window tinting is such a common thing, we do get a lot of questions about it. So, here we go with a few of them.

Back in the day you had to add a seam around the middle for compound curve large windows like windshields and back windows. That’s not the case anymore. The professional rolls of window tint these day are tall enough to allow for the entire window. Additionally, they are designed to be shaped to the glass BEFORE installing it, allowing a perfect fit, even for large windows.

This one’s easy to answer. You know how it’s always said that UV light is bad for you and your things? True, but it’s actually infrared light, or IR light, that causes your car to get hot inside. It used to be relatively easy to block UV light, but very difficult to block IR light. At some point someone figured out how to do it using metallic particles inside the tint film. However, when cell phones started seeing widespread use, it was discovered that metallic particles in the glass were causing cell phone reception to be reduced. The solution is what we have today. Modern IR tint film is either infused with nano-ceramic particles or nano-carbon particles. These particles are invisible and non-metallic. They are very effective and blocking most of the IR light, while not messing with your phone reception.

Of course we do! But don’t worry too much about it. Our modern tint films by XPEL do not discolor.

Nope, not at all! The only thing the dark tints cut more in comparison to lighter tints is visible light. UV and IR light isn’t visible. Those are filtered out by the infusion of invisible nano-ceramic particles within the film, not the tint dye color itself.

Want Light Tint or Dark Tint? How About Less Heat?

Whatever your style, or whether you put form before function, or vice-versa, at 405 Motoring we have the window tint solution that’s right for you!