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Performance & Maintenance

Upgrades or Simply Have Us Maintain Your Vehicle

405 Motoring can help you with scheduled vehicle maintenance as well as with performance upgrades. We perform this type of preventative maintenance daily and can also recommend and install performance mods available for your vehicle.
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At 405 Motoring in Inglewood, Los Angeles California we have a full-fledged shop with dedicated areas for each type of work. We also have dedicated technicians for the different types of services we offer. Apart from our modern paint protection services, we offer performance and maintenance work for all vehicles. If you are looking to squeeze a bit more power out of your car, we can totally help with that. If you simply want some appearance enhancements or maybe a few aero parts, we can definitely supply and install those. Maybe what you need is scheduled maintenance for the simple things like air filters, oil, brakes and the like. We are totally equipped to do that too.

You can count on 405 Motoring to be more than just a detail, tint or paint protection shop. You can trust us to do the performance work you are looking for. Our performance, maintenance and tuning staff is highly experienced and ready. We work on highly advanced equipment and using the latest processes. This experience comes from years running our Detail Union shop in Monrovia, California. We have our processes down to be reliable and consistent day after day. The dealer isn’t always the best choice for maintenance or performance work. We don’t have to tell you that. Next time you need brakes, an oil change, or want a new CAI for your performance vehicle, call us first.

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Perform And Maintain

At 405 Motoring we can help realize that dream in your head on how you want your new vehicle to look and perform. Beyond that, we can tackle to maintenance tasks needed to keep it running perfectly.
Have It The Way You Want It

Increase Performance and Reliability At The Same Time

Work with 405 Motoring and we can plan out performance mods and preventative maintenance which will allow you to have the power you want, with the reliability of a factory stock car.

More Power

More Power

If you’re looking for more power, we can definitely help with that. With most vehicles there are plenty of “low-hanging fruit” options to increase power in both horsepower and torque without having to go too deep.

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Our performance upgrades combined with comprehensive maintenance will yield reliable performance for years to come. There’s no reason you can’t have both more power and reliability at the same time.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

As with all vehicles, we recommend preventative maintenance as well as scheduled maintenance. You want to work with techs you can trust. The dealer isn’t always the best option.

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Get Full Service, Detailing & Paint Protection

405 Motoring offers full service for all your motoring needs. Yes, we can improve the performance of your car and implement a preventive maintenance program. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. We offer full detailing services, paint correction and the entire gamut of paint protection products. Let us know what we can do for you.
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Performance and Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot to performance and maintenance… everything from power bolt-ons to regular scheduled and preventative maintenance. We definitely get a lot of questions here.

Technically, we can do all the standard bolt-ons. In the end it’s really going to depend on what’s available for your vehicle and how far the customer wants to go. We also work with reputable tuners that can help better balance a car to the performance upgrades planned. Same goes for suspension and chassis stiffening work. We can nail the ride height you are looking for, do custom alignments and corner balance your vehicle.
We do everything legally at 405 Motoring. For that reason we do have to work under certain guidelines. That said, we do have plenty of Carb-legal options for many modern vehicles. Additionally, many aspects of tuning, performance and maintenance have little to do with smog. For example, suspension upgrades, alignments, corner balancing, preventative maintenance and such have no impact on smog requirements.
We have an entire department dedicated to wheels and tires. We offer options from most brands and do installations, balancing, rotations and alignments right here at the shop at our dedicated wheel and tire area.

Do You Want Your Vehicle To Perform At Its Best, Always?

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