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Upgrade to a New Set Of Wheels or Tires

A high-end set of wheels in the correct fitment, with an awesome set of performance tires is exactly what you’re looking for. If you have a truck, you may be looking for great off-road tires that will complement your ride on and off the road. We’re here to help!

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A set of wheels can make or break a car. The correct set of tires ensures your performance car does what you want it to do. 405 Motoring is here to provide you with all the wheel and tire options you need as well as mounting, balancing and alignment. When selecting a set of wheels and tires for your car, to upgrade from a factory setup, the most important thing is fitment. At 405 Motoring we are experts at sizing up wheels and tires for perfect fitment. We take into account your target ride height, available space, wheel offset, as well as tire width and diameter to get the fitment just right — as flush as you want, or as spacious as you’d like. We can split the difference between the factory setup and a flush setup to help fill that wheel-well a little bit more, without straying too far from factory look. Wheel and tire options can be tied perfectly to your planned suspension setup. If you are looking to upgrade suspension, we can do that too.

Wheel and tire options are not limited to street cars. We have all the options available for off-road vehicles as well. For off-road trucks and SUVs we can help you size up and help make sure your new set up fits. If you want to go bigger, we can provide suspension upgrades for you truck or SUV to give you the exact lift height you’re going for, and the wheels and tires to go with that. We understand that having many options available is key in finding the right setup for your vehicle. 405 Motoring has access to many wheel and tire manufacturers and we are constantly adding more options. We are sure you will find what you are looking for with us. Look no further than 405 Motoring to help guide you in you quest for the perfect wheel and tire setup. We’ll take care of the mounting and installation and have you on your way with the ideal wheel alignment for your intended use.

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High-End Hunter Engineering Equipment

Not all tire mounting machines are made the same. At 405 Motoring we use top-of-the-line Hunter Engineering equipment, which include Hunter Revolution tire mounting and Hunter Road Force Elite tire balancing. To work with expensive high-end wheels and performance tires you need sophisticated tire mounting equipment that can deal with the stiff side walls of these wide high performance tires without ever touching the wheel. This helps ensure scratch-free and stress-free tire mounting.

In order to ensure the best ride at speed, our Hunter Road Force balancing provides the most accurate tire balancing possible.

Coat it All

We Are Equipped for All Setups

At 405 Motoring we are equipped for proprietary and high-performance setups such as Porsches Centerlock wheels. We also work daily with high end fasteners such as titanium on Ferraris and other exotic sports cars. Anytime a new system comes out, 405 Motoring is quick to adapt to new proprietary systems.
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Perfect Fitment

Get Perfect Fitment On The Very First Attempt

Too often car enthusiasts spend too much on wheels and tires because they didn’t get it right the first time. At 405 Motoring we work with you to carefully select a wheel size, wheel width, wheel offset and tire size to carefully get the perfect fitment you are looking for, the first time around. This saves you time and money.
Better Performance

Better Performance

Whether your looking for pavement grip or offroad traction, selecting the correct tire for your application will lead to better performance over a factory set’s general purpose wheels and tires

Improved Wheel Looks

Improved Looks

There’s nothing wrong with making the look of your vehicle be the number one driver in your wheel and tire selection. However, you can have the look you want and not compromise on performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Dependable Service

Outstanding wheel and tire service is all about putting together the perfect fit, then having reliable and safe mounting to go along with impeccable balancing and precision alignment based on performance.

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Complete Control

Need Suspension Upgrades To Go With Your Wheels and Tires?

Achieving the best fitment, and ultimately the performance enhancement you want, often requires suspension upgrades. These upgrades can allow for ride height adjustment, customized spring rates and adjustable dampening. By combining changes to wheels and tires with suspension upgrades, you can achieve results not possible with only one or the other.

At 405 Motoring we are ready to do it all.

Wheel and Tire Experience

Common Questions About Our Wheel and Tire Program

Wheel and tire question are as common as they are varied. Here are some of them.

This is actually pretty subjective. In general, anything close to the factory setup is the starting point. From there, the common goal is to fill the wheel-well more, to reduce open and dead space, upwards and outwards, with the limit being rub. In other words, the typical goal is to reduce the dead space, without getting tire rub in any point of the suspension travel. How close to the limits you want to take it, is up to you. For some people, just a bit more than factory is enough. Others want to go just a few millimeters from rubbing. All this is also very dependent on ride height. A careful calculation of wheel size, width, offset and tire size is necessary for all of this to work.
The short answer is no. We can do a wheel upgrade and a tire change while improving looks and possible increasing track and width to bring the wheels out a bit, without inducing rub. This means you can get a better look without having to deal with the suspension. However, there are certain things you cannot do without changing suspension components. For example, we can’t change the height height – lower for street cars, lifts for off-road cars. We also have more limits in terms of what can be done if we rule out changing suspension components.
Absolutely! We work with a number of high-end custom wheels manufacturers to get you exactly what you want
We work will most of the major tire manufactures. A number of them really put a large effort into performance tires and rare sizes, like super wide rear tires for Porsche 911 and large off-road tires for trucks. Chances are, we can find the tire you need. Just let us know.
Yes, we have all the tools and know-how to work on Porsches with Centerlock wheels.

Ready To Maximize Your Vehicle With New Wheels & Tires?

Let’s get that look and performance you’re going for. 405 Motoring can get you a custom quote with no commitments. Start right now!