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Paint Protection Film

Invisible Protective Shield for your Vehicle

Self-healing invisible shield to protect your vehicle’s paint from rock chips, scratches and all kinds of road contaminants.

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Invisible Paint Protection Film Install in Los Angeles, CA
Clear Bra Installation in Los Angeles, Inglewood, CA.

Paint Protection Film by 405 Motoring in Los Angeles California is the best way to protect and preserve the original paint on any vehicle. While there are other options for protecting paint with different levels of protection, such as ceramic coatings or even plain wax, there is simply nothing that protects as well as modern self-healing paint protection film. This film, otherwise known as PPF or clear bra, is a thin adhesive film that is applied over the panels on your vehicle to cover the paint. Once the film is applied, it’s virtually invisible. It just looks like the original glossy clear coat that came with the car from factory. However, with it applied, your paint now has a shield that protects it from gravel flung at it at freeway speeds and most minor scratches that would otherwise ruin it.

The film self-heals from most scratches and rock impacts with just a little bit of heat. It isn’t that you have to manually work it a heat gun or anything like that. Just merely having the car in the sun for a bit so that the films warms up is enough for the upper layer of the film to molecularly fuse with itself, and scratches just disappear. This tech has been around for some years now, but the newest films possesses qualities that are beyond anything we used to have years ago. The self-healing qualities of modern PPF by XPEL is something that we only used to dream about. Every new luxury vehicle should get XPEL Paint Protection Film. This kind of paint protection allows you to truly enjoy your vehicle without having to worry about every tiny scratch or rock chip.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPF Installation in Los Angeles California.
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Invisible Protection

Complete Shield

Paint protection film by XPEL is regarded as the number one solution for protecting original factory paint. There is literally no other product that does this job better. Paint protection film, otherwise known is PPF or clean bra, is the only self-healing product for paint.
No Rock Chips or Scratches

Ultimate Protection Solution

Paint protection film can be used to protect the front end of a vehicle, or the entire thing. Spot treatments are also available, such as tail gate or lower rocker panels on trucks. High end luxury cars can benefit greatly from full body protection. A ceramic coating can be added on top of the film.

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The Best Option for Maintaining Your Car's Finish

What Make's Paint Protection Film So Great?

Paint protection technology has exponentially improved over the last 10 to 15 years. There are various solutions for paint protection including things like ceramic coatings. That said, paint protection film remains king when you are looking for the best option.

Top Shelf Protection

Top Shelf Solution

Paint protection film is what you want if you’re looking for the best product for protecting your vehicle’s paint. This is simply nothing better that offers this level of protection. You can combine PPF with other products like ceramic coatings.

Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection

Paint protection film is great at protection from minor scratches. Things like getting scraped by a shopping cart, kids playing in the driveway, passerby’s rubbing on your car with studded jeans, or tree branches on a trail. These types of scratches self-heal.

Rock Chip Protection

Rock Chip Protection

Rock chips from pebbles and small stones on the road is what gives the front of vehicles that “peppered” look after a couple thousand miles. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it after a while. PPF protect agains this since gravel just bounces off.

Chemical Protection

Chemical Protection

Paint protection film protects against chemical etching. Bird droppings and bugs rotting on paint usually causes a chemical reaction with paint that leaves a permanent mark. XPEL PPF is not affected by these chemicals and prevents unsightly marks.

Self Healing

Self Healing

The mere act of putting your car in the sun for the film to heat up triggers the self-healing molecular qualities of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS self-healing paint protection film. The scratches and marks just disappears. Hot water will do the trick too.

Long Term Solution

Long Term Solution

The protection and self-healing qualities of XPEL paint protection film are intended be benefits you’ll enjoy for the entire time you own your car, and beyond. The film comes with the most comprehensive and competitive warranty that usually runs about 12 years.

Under One Roof

All Detailing, Paint Protection & Styling Needs

405 Motoring is a full service shop. This means that if your main interest is to protect your new car’s finish with paint protection film, we can do that… and during the same trip to the shop, we can tint it and apply a ceramic coating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a handful of FAQs we get at 405 Motoring often. This may help shed some light as you might have some of these same questions.

Modern paints are an improvement over classic paints in that they usually have more than one stage of paint and include reliable clear coats. Oftentimes, these original paint coats are baked on at the factory making them rather strong and resilient. Compared to many single stage classic paint jobs, this can make them better and longer lasting. However, the movement towards being more eco-friendly has also made some modern paint more susceptible to scratches and rock chips. A layer of paint protection film adds an amazing level of protection for your original paint no matter the manufacturer. It really is a no-brainer. It’s going to protect your paint.
Warranty periods can vary between films. Most top-of-the-line films these days come with a 12-year warranty. We offer XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film. It comes with a 12-year warranty.
It depends on what you like. Gloss PPF is going to be a little easier to maintain as you can layer on a thicker ceramic coating making it easier to clean. Matte PPF these days, such as XPEL STEALTH paint protection film is on par with gloss film in terms of reliability and warranty, but you can’t just pile on the ceramic coatings as it’ll start getting a bit too shiny. But if you really want that awesome matte look, then definitely go for matte PPF.
Yes, you can add a ceramic coating or wax over PPF. Some films come pre-coated, but adding a thicker ceramic coating can be good in some instances. Also, for older film, cleaning it up and adding a ceramic coating can rejuvenate the film and improve its looks and cleaning ease.
PPF can definitely be removed. It’s recommended you let the pros handle the job of removing it. The reason for this is that it needs to be steamed off so it comes off easily.

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