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Change The Color of Your Car Without Paint

You don’t have to be confined to the current color of your vehicle. 405 Motoring in Inglewood, California can change the color of your car to whatever you desire but installing a vinyl car wrap. It’s 100% reversible allowing you to bring the car back to stock anytime.
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Car wraps by 405 Motoring in Los Angeles California provides car enthusiasts with the ability to define the look of their vehicles outside the constraints of paint. A car wrap is an adhesive vinyl film that is applied to your vehicle to cover every panel. This film looks like a quality paint job, effectively changing the color of the vehicle. The biggest benefit is that the wrap isn’t permanent. The vinyl wrap can be removed relatively easily to re-expose the original paint below. At that point, you can wrap the car again in a different color, or apply a wax, ceramic coating or paint protection film and l just let it be. With the right amount of care a car wrap can last you a number of years and could be removed before selling the vehicle.

There are various reasons you may want to choose a car wrap. It’s quite possible the vehicle you bought was in high demand and perhaps you settled on a color that wasn’t your first choice. You’re happy with your vehicle and don’t want to take a bath on selling it just to buy it again in a different color. Wrapping it in whatever color you would like would be a lot more cost effective than taking a depreciation loss and paying tax again on a new purchase. While a car wrap is not really meant for protection, like a clear paint protection film wrap, it does offer a bit of protection from tiny pebbles, surface scratches and UV. The wrap does a good job of protecting the paint bug acids, tar and water spots.

405 Motoring offers 3M 1080 Car Wrap Film and Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. However, don’t get hung up on the brand. The choice should actually come down to the color you want, since they vary between brands. When you request a free consultation from us, please let us know what you have in mind. We can show you the color books we have for each brand so you can pick the exact color you want. We have a vast array of colors available, in different finish versions. For example, we have satin finishes, glossy finishes as well as chrome. Metallic finishes do come in both gloss and matte depending on the color.

If you are interesting in more than just a color change, we can work with you on a unique printed car wrap design. This option is great for those that want a custom design or artwork. The only way to achieve this, barring piecing a design together with different layered colors, is to print it. This is also a very common approach for commercial fleet vehicles or promotional marketing vehicles. It’s also one of the most popular methods of creating race car liveries. Note that custom printed designs require design costs as well as installation costs. It’s the best method for achieving the most unique design, if a color change is not what you have in mind.

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Matte Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

Matte Without the Risk

Matte finish is one of the coolest looks available for any vehicle. However, caring for matte paint can be a total hassle and often not worth the cost and the risk. Get a matte vehicle wrap and get that look you want without the hassles. A matte vinyl wrap is much less costly than matte paint and doesn’t need as much care. If you were to damage a panel, we only have to rewrap that one panel saving you the high costs of respraying with matte paint.
Dream Car in Your Dream Color

Think Outside The Box

Your favorite car company doesn’t paint your dream car in you favorite color? Doesn’t matter. Buy your dream car and have 405 Motoring wrap it in your favorite color. Want a fade? We can do that? Full racing livery? Yes, we do that too? Stripes? Sure, why not?
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100% Reversible Car Color Change

What's So Great About a Car Wrap?

The biggest benefit of a car wrap is that it allows you the flexibility of changing the color of your vehicle to just about any color you can imagine, without having to deal with paint. The process can be reversed easily at any time. For this reason, a car wrap will not negatively affect the value of your vehicle.
Color Change

Color Change With No Paint

Change the color of your vehicle to anything you want without dealing with a respray. It’s safe, effective and lasts. Many color available, in gloss, matte, metallic and chrome.


Color change car wrap vinyl is 100% reversible. It can be removed at anytime to allow bringing the vehicle back to stock. The wrap vinyl even adds a bit of paint protection.

Get Creative

Let your imagination run wild. You can pick any color you want. Imagine something that your favorite brand wouldn’t ever use. We can even do printed wrap designs and liveries.

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Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl

Ensure Your Car Wrap Lasts and Is Easy to Clean

Forget the chore of applying car wax. Yeah, it looks good when you first apply it, but it doesn’t protect much and lasts even less. At 405 Motoring we have a special Ceramic Pro formula for PPF & Vinyl wraps. It’s Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl and comes in a base coat for protection, and top coat for gloss. This will ensure your wrap stays like new and it also makes it much easier to keep clean.
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Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coating for Car Wraps
Have A Question About Car Wraps?

Car WRap Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked about car wraps. Here are some of the usual questions we get.

Unfortunately, no. The rule of thumb is that if you need paint, you need paint. Car wrap vinyl is designed to go over good healthy paint. Yeah, a little scratch here and there is not a problem. However, if the paint is rough, corroded, badly scratch, or coming off in parts, you can’t really wrap on top of that. Not only will it look awful as you will be able to see the imperfections right through the wrap, but the vinyl needs a good smooth surface to adhere.
This can vary depending on your location and car, but generally we like to say it’s meant to be there 3-5 years. If you have a garaged weekend car that rarely ever sits in the sun or in bad weather, yeah you can get 10 years easy out of it. But if your car sits outside in the sun all day every day, then you might get 3 years out of it if you’re lucky. However, most of use have some sort of balance between those things. We may drive our cars every day, and often park in the sun… but, we garage the car when not in use, park in shade when possible and keep the car clean and either waxed or ceramic coated. That’s kind of care should get you about 5 years pretty easily.
This is one pretty well tied to the question above. One way to make your wrap last and make it easier to keep clean is to have us ceramic coat it with Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl. This ceramic coat is designed specifically for car wrap and paint protection film vinyls. It uses a two step layering process of a base coat with a top super glossy and slippery coat.
While layering like this is not really recommended you can usually get away with wrapping on top of paint protection film. It’s actually common to see this. Oftentimes a new car owner will immediately have the car protected with PPF. However, a year later they might want to change the color of the car. Wrapping on top of that PPF is an option. Track car drivers will also often do this. They’ll protect their street/track car with PPF, and then go to town with a livery wrap on top. We’ve seen it the other way around where PPF has been placed on top of wrap vinyl, but this usually doesn’t work very well. The PPF adhesive is much more aggressive and the material expands and contracts differently to the wrap vinyl, usually ending up with material lifting. But yeah, if you insists on having both, we’d recommend PPF first, then vinyl.

Ready To Completely Transform Your Vehicle?

Go crazy! Pick any color you can imagine. We can wrap your car in whatever color you’d like!