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We Are Proud To Be Electric Vehicle Specialists

405 Motoring puts special emphasis on electric vehicles. Our advanced facilities are equipped to work on EVs and our dedicated techs, detailers and paint protection product installers are experts on electric vehicles. We are highly experienced with Tesla, Rivian, Lucid and other electric only vehicles. Same goes for the other major electric car players like Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW, KIA, Hyundai, Volvo and more.
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Tesla CyberTruck in Los Angeles
At 405 Motoring we believe in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. This is specially true when it comes to electric vehicles. We have embraced this technology and we are confident that while gasoline and diesel vehicles will still be around for quite some time, electric is most definitely the future. Of course, regardless of the what the is vehicle powered by, a car is still a car and a truck is still a truck. However, there are a number of needs that come up when it comes to servicing an electric vehicle, regardless of the type of service. We work on EVs all the time, so we have the experience to handle it.From a general standpoint, as EV specialists, we have dedicated charging stations to top EV cars off while we have them in for service. When ti comes to detailing and paint protection, we take into consideration things like glass roofs, solar panels and the array of sensitive sensors these cars have. Those are the big differentiating factors when you compare an EV to an internal combustion engine car in the realm of detailing and paint protection. Now, when it comes to service, upgrades or appearance enhancements, the differences are more substantial. That’s where 405 Motoring is really shines as an EV specialist.
Tesla Electric Vehicle Specialists 405 Motoring in Inglewood.
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Paint Protection Film for Tesla
Protect Your Investment

Paint Protection for Electric Vehicles

Your electric vehicle is an investment and a tool you use and enjoy daily. Protect its appearance by having 405 Motoring install paint protection film and a ceramic coating. This will ensure the car doesn’t get scratches or rock chips in the original paint.
Fine Electric Vehicle Interiors

Interior Protection and Care

Most electric vehicles come with modern, fine, delicate interiors… often in very light colors, including white or light tan. This is in contrast to the fact that many EV owners are active people that love the outdoors, adventure sports, hiking, camping and often own pets. At 405 Motoring we are prepared to ceramic coat your electric vehicle’s interior with various formulas created specifically for these materials.
Ceramic Coatings for Tesla Vehicles
A Commitment to Electric Vehicles

405 Motoring Is At the Forefront Of EV Service

We have dedicated processes for electric vehicles, charging solutions for all brands and a perfect track record. We believe strongly in the EV movement and have adapted to continue this trend. We know EVs are the future and will continue to shape ourselves to follow suit.
Charging Solutions

Charging Solutions

We will top-off your electric vehicle while it’s here at the top. This way, when you come pick it up, it’s fully charged and ready to go.

EV Specific

Specific EV Processes

At 405 Motoring we have specific EV processes for all our services suited perfectly for different electric vehicles.

EV Evolution

Continued Evolution

As electric vehicle technology continues to evolve, 405 Motoring is committed to continue our evolution as EV specialists.

Rivian XPEL Partner
XPEL Paint Protection Film
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Certified Rivian Partner

As an official XPEL dealer we are certified Rivian electric vehicle partners. If you are planning on buying a Rivian electric vehicle you can bring it to use for certified XPEL paint protection film installation that is guaranteed.

Full Service Solutions for Electrics

All Appearance and Styling Needs Under One Roof

One big goal we have at 405 Motoring is to provide all the detailing, appearance, styling and maintenance services we can, under one roof. This helps simplify your life by providing you many solutions at a single location.
EV Vehicle Specialists Window Tint in Los Angeles.

405 Motoring installs XPEL PRIME XR Plus ceramic-infused XR-blocking window tint on all electric vehicles, in any shade you want.

Experience With Electric Vehicles

EV Frequently Asked Questions

Much too often people assume that a car is a car and that’s it. Over the last few years we’ve learned that electric vehicles, specially the advanced ones, have certain requirements that other vehicles don’t. Here are some questions our customers ask us about our EV experience.
Yes, we have charging options for just about every EV out there. When your car is at our shop, it will be charged safely and effectively, so that when you come pick it up and fully charged and ready to go.
Well, it really depends on the service to be done. For example, in regards to detailing, paint correction, ceramic coatings and paint protection film, much of the same process that apply to gasoline powered cars apply to electric. However, we pay special attention to the location of sensors and cameras that must not be changed, covered or affected in any way. The same goes for glass roofs and solar panels. Oftentimes, certain electric vehicles demand attention to specific things unique to them. Given our experience with so many electric vehicles, we know exactly what to do.
We work on all electric vehicles. Most of our core services for detailing and paint protection are good for any car. In terms of performance and appearance upgrades, there might be things we don’t recommend doing to specific cars. If something like that comes up, we will let you know. But for the most part, all our services apply to all EVs just fine.

Ready To Have Us Work On Your Electric Vehicle?

Trust the experts at 405 Motoring for all your EV detailing, paint protection and ceramic coatings needs! We can even do appearance and performance upgrades, as well as wheels and tires.