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Paint Correction

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Whether you simply want your vehicle to look its best, or you are adding a paint protection product, 405 Motoring knows how to “gem” your paint.
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We are dedicated and knowledgeable at removing swirl marks, hazing, scratches and other paint imperfections. The are obvious reasons why your vehicle may need paint correction. Then there are some less obvious reasons. If you look at your clean car and can see light hazing, scratches or marks that look like spiderwebs or swirls, your can can very much benefit from removing those. Correcting your paint to remove those is a sure fire way to make your cart look better. That said, less obvious reasons include new cars and those being prepped for a ceramic coating.New cars often come with imperfections in the paint that most people simply choose to ignore because the is “new.” Oftentimes dealerships are not too good as washing cars and they introduce all kinds of swirl marks while in their possession. In other instances, the covers used on cars while transporting them from the factory can also introduce scratches and marks from foreign objects and sharp particles that get lodged between the cover and the paint. Finally, before sealing paint with a Ceramic Pro coating, you need the paint to be perfect and clean. Just about every car needs some sort of paint correction work before applying Ceramic Pro.
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Removing Imperfections

Look Your Absolute Best!

Did you know you don’t have to live with most scratches, paint markings or ugly spiderweb swirls. The fact is that if your car has never been polished before, the thickness of the clear coat is likely thick enough to be polished to perfection. We can even restore the clear coat strength by coating the car with Ceramic Pro 9H after correcting the paint.
All Cars Are Different

Optimized Paint Correction For Your Specific Needs

We take the process of paint correction very seriously. At 405 Motoring we analyze your paint and clear coat to fully understand how much should be done to correct it. We can even gauge of deep scratches can effectively be removed, or at the very least reduced in appearance. We use industry-leading tools and years of knowledge to assess your vehicle’s paint and decide on the most viable course of action.
Measuring Clean Coat Depth and Thickness
You Do Not Have To Live With Bad Paint

What Makes Paint Correction So Important?

Every vehicle’s finish can be improved – even new cars. If your paint is in pretty bad shape, but still there, there’s a pretty good chance we can improve on it. If what you’re looking for is perfection, or close to perfection before applying a protective coating, we can help with that too.
Improved Looks

Improve Looks

Regardless of what the end protective product will be - PPF, ceramic coating or traditional wax, removing imperfections in your paint is an optimal way to improve the look of your expensive vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

Prep For Ceramic Coating

Paint correction is often needed to prepare a car for a ceramic coating. You don't want to seal imperfections in, so it's important to remove them before a permanent ceramic coating is applied.

Increased Desirability

Increase Desirability

If you are looking to have your car stand out amongst others like it, having better paint is the best place to start. If you are looking to sell, it can greatly improve your chances and even the amount you can sell for.

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Seal The Perfect Paint After Correction

We recommend you consider a ceramic coating after having your paint corrected. You don’t really want to live with swirls and marks in your paint, but correcting paint involves polishing the clear coat and thus reducing it’s thickness a little. A ceramic coating will not only protect the paint and make it hard to put swirls into it, but it’s an effective way of increasing the depth of your clear coat without actually respraying it. We offer all this under the same roof.

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Paint Correction Frequently Asked Questions

Paint correction is looked at as a mystical art. The truth is, experience goes a long way in this business. We answer a few of the most asked questions.

This is an obvious one. Let’s put it this way… if there is paint there, it can more of than not be polished. If you have never had your car polished before – and were’ not talking about wax, we mean POLISHED – the paint is usually thick enough to accept correction. However, if you have scratches deep enough to show metal, you may need a respray.

This one is important. If you have had paint correction before, we may need to measure the thickness of your clear coat to make sure we can correct it. Contact us and make an appointment and we can take a look at it. This is why it’s so important to add some sort of protection after correcting paint… Be it PPF or a ceramic coating, you want to protect corrected paint so that you don’t have to polish it again. Of course, using correct car washing methods and not running your car through random automatic car washes go a long way in preserving your paint.

The process of paint correction starts by analyzing the vehicle’s paint to see what it needs. A typical paint correction job to remove swirls and scratches usually involves measuring the clear coat and decontaminating it. Then various combinations of polishing pads and compounds will be used to achieved the results of bringing luster back to the paint and removing marks. At the very end, a very fine polish and low cut pad is used to “gem” the paint. There are many combinations which also include the orbital speed of the polisher and time polishing. In reality, only a true experienced expert can say since every car is different.

First, we recommend you have the finish protected. If you don’t want PPF, or your paint isn’t original… at the very least consider a ceramic coating. After that, make sure to use a good two bucket method for washing your car, and if you do waterless washing, use multiple clean microfiber towels and proper technique so you don’t put swirls into it.

We have ways of reducing the appearance of rock chips. However, at little as they are, they are technically exposing metal, so that can’t be completely removed. That’s what it’s so important to get paint protection film as soon as you buy a new car. This will prevent getting rock chips in the first place. Do contact us regardless, even if you have lots of rock chips. We have ways to improve those.

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