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Latest Dry Ice Cleaning Technology

Dry Ice Deep Cleaning DEtailing Services

Dry Ice car detailing is a unique process by which we clean critical vehicle parts, safely, without the use of water. The deep cleaning nature of dry ice cleaning technology allows us to restore the look of undercarriage parts, brakes and suspension parts.

405 Motoring offers dry ice detailing services for cars in Los Angeles California. We are one of the few shops in the area to offer this kind of technology. Dry ice vehicle detailing is revolutionary as it allows for deep cleaning and restoration of stained metals components. Dry ice car detailing is great for cleaning undercarriage and suspension parts to remove corrosion, stains and old grime that tends to collect under there.

The process is safe and reduces further corrosion due to the lack of water. The dry ice detailing system is great for brakes, rotors and wheels. It’s also very effective for restoring classic vehicles as it reduces collateral damage to other parts that can happen using traditional method. If you have a unique vehicle, whether it’s newer or a classic, in the Inglewood area near the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, pay us a visit and see what we can do for you.

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Modern Tech For Deep Vehicle Detailing

The whole point of performing dry ice detailing is to allow the cleaning and restoration of areas in your vehicle one would normally have to live with and ignore. This technology allow for absolute cleaning and grim removal even in hard to reach areas.
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Deep Clean Like Never Before

What's So Great About Dry Ice Detailing?

Dry ice vehicle detailing will allow the cleaning of materials and areas not possible before. It used to be that you could clean a car’s chassis, brake parts and suspension to a degree, but then just live with the array of stains and near-impossible to remove grime deposits beyond that. Dry ice detailing with take care of this.
Cleans Stains in Metal

Metal Stain Removal

Dry ice detailing is excellent for removing stains in metal parts that otherwise could only be removed by abrasion and polishing. Dry ice is quicker, more effective and a lot smarter than attempting to polish undercarriage parts.

Clean Deposits

Impurity Deposit Removal

Dry ice car detailing can be used to remove stubborn grime deposits typically found in hard to reach places, tight corners, pivot points and weld spots. This method is great for cleaning complicated suspension parts.

No Water

Safe, No Water Cleaning

Given dry ice cleaning does not use running water, it’s safe in areas where having water collect would be a problem. In classic vehicles, cleaning undercarriages with water can lead to it getting into hard to dry spots.

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Finish Off A Full Detail Job With An Interior Cleaning

If you are getting a dry ice detailing service why not finish it off with an interior detail? Given we’re already working without water, might as well continue the process with some steam cleaning and full interior detailing. We do it all under one roof.


Dry Ice Detailing Frequently Asked Questions

Dry ice cleaning isn’t new technology. It’s been around for long time and has been used extensively in industrial applications. Dry ice detailing for automobiles is relatively new. For this reason, we get asked a lot questions about it. Here are a few of them.

Dry ice car detailing is perfectly safe when performed by trained professionals. We know what areas we can clean with dry ice and stay away from those that should not be touched. Dry ice doesn’t make a mess, so it’s easy to stick to specific areas.
We normally stick to tight areas for dry ice detailing. For example, we don’t do paint with it. We can clean the chassis, suspension parts, brakes and rotors, parts of the engine bay, exhaust systems, trailers, and other hard working areas such as these.
Not really. Our staff of professional detailer have thousands of hours under their belt performing dry ice cleaning and we know you’ll be perfectly happy with the results.

Do You Want a Deep Dry Ice Cleaning For Your Vehicle?

Our dry ice detailing technology with give you results for hard to clean areas.